Accessing the power consumption of nodes during an experiment

Every node in the NITOS facility is equipped with a power metering device, which constantly stores the power consumption of each node in Watts with a granularity of 15 seconds. There are two ways of accessing power consumption data from nodes. The first one is by using our grafana instance where you can also monitor the power consumption of the nodes in real-time, and the second one is by executing a curl request to our database to get the desired values.

1.Real-time monitoring using Grafana

You can access the power consumption of the nodes in real-time dashboards in this Grafana interface, with username nitos and password grafana.

2.Executing curl requests

To access the data by executing a curl request you will need first to connect to the NITOS server.

Open a secure shell to the NITOS server using your slice name as username executing the following command:

$ ssh

Then you can get all the desired power consumption values by executing a curl request from the opened secure shell as indicated in the following example:

$ curl -G '' \
  --data-urlencode "db=Testbed_Metering" \
  --data-urlencode "q=SELECT \"node_id\", \"value\" FROM \"power\" WHERE (\"node_id\" = '50') and \"time\" >= '2021-12-29T14:22:27Z' and \"time\" <= '2021-12-29T14:23:27Z'"


You are free to define the appropriate node_id as well as the desired time window to fit your needs.