Postgraduate students group from Kozani visits NITlab

A group of 19 postgraduate students of the Computer System Support department from EPAS OAED, Kozani, Greece, visited NITlab in 15 March 2017. They were introduced in NITlab's activities and recearch fields and we offered them a tour in NITOS facility in order to present them NITOS infrastructure.

Photos from their visit in NITOS indoor deployment.


DSI Fair 2017

NITlab participated in DSI Fair, 1-2 February 2017 and hosted the MAZI project full Group meeting during 30-31 January 2017, in Rome, Italy.

In Digital Social Innovation Fair (DSI) 2017, NITlab hosted an exhibition booth with interactive demos presenting the latest achievements of the project. Our demonstration consisted of three different MAZI zones:

  1. The Official Guestbook for the DSI Fair. The event's participants were able to pass by the MAZI booth, connect on a Wi-Fi network and write their impressions for the event in a web application.
  2. The latest MAZI toolkit Admin Interface, which enables a user to configure a MAZI zone and adjust it to his/her needs. Parameters including but not limited to name of the Wi-Fi network, password of the Wi-Fi network and Internet access are very easily configured with one click through this Admin Interface.
  3. The Berlin Pilot prototype, which serves as a tool to generate, archive, synthesize and broadcast knowledge. 

Photos from the booth:

DSI Fair 2017  
DSI Fair 2017

In the MAZI full group meeting, we presented the latest progress of the project, discussed important issues of the consortium and decided our future steps towards the release of the next version of the MAZI toolkit.

MAZI plenary meeting 2017
MAZI plenary meeting 2017


EuCNC 2016

The NITlab team attended EuCNC 2016, in Athens, Greece 27-30 June 2016, where we presented the progress of the FLEX project.

EUCNC 2016

SmartCity Expo World Congress 2016

Giannis Kazdaridis participated in the SmartCity Expo that took place in the city of Barcelona, Spain, during 15-17 November, 2016.

Smart City Expo is the international summit of discussion about the link between urban reality and technological revolution. It is a global event to support the development of intelligent cities. This professional, institutional and social meeting point is a leading platform of ideas, networking, experiences and international business deals that gathers together the highest level of stakeholders, in the context of urban development. Moreover, the expo attracted 16,688 visitors, 591 exhibitors and 420 speakers.



NetFutures 2016

The NITlab team attended NetFutures 2016, in Brussels, Belgium, 20-21 April 2016, where we presented the progress of FLEX, MAZI and SmartFIRE projects, in the corresponding exhibition booths.

In the FLEX booth, we presented two demos in the context of the project, the "Semantic based coordination for LTE-U" and the "Software Defined Wireless Backhauling for LTE".


Semantic based coordination for LTE-U


Software Defined Wireless Backhauling for LTE

Photos from the FLEX booth:

flex netfutures2016
flex netfutures2016 2

NITlab hosted also the MAZI booth, where the progress of the MAZI research project was presented, along with a demo "The NetFutures 2016 MAZI zone".


The NetFutures 2016 MAZI zone

Photos from the MAZI booth:

mazi netfutures2016
mazi netfutures2016 2
mazi netfutures2016
mazi netfutures2016 2

NITlab hosted also the SmartFIRE booth, where the results of the SmartFIRE research project were presented.

Photos from the SmartFIRE booth:

smartfire netfutures2016
smartfire netfutures2016 2