Call For Papers

WiNTECH intends to bring together researchers working in the broad area of experimental wireless networking. WiNTECH will serve as a forum to share new ideas/experiences in all experimental aspects of wireless networks and systems, and facilitate discussions of key unresolved challenges in this area. We are seeking original, previously unpublished papers addressing experimental wireless networking issues. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Design & evaluation of wireless testbeds, prototypes and platforms
  • Experiences/lessons from recent testbed deployments
  • Large-scale and heterogeneous wireless network evaluations
  • Hybrid experimentation approaches combining use of multiple evaluation methodologies
  • Integration of diverse and distributed testbed infrastructures
  • Testbed management issues and monitoring support
  • Wireless testbed case studies
  • Experimental evaluation of applications and protocols, including the impact of cross-layer interactions
  • Approaches for real-world evaluation of mobile networks
  • Evaluation environments for sensor and satellite networks
  • Techniques for improving reproducibility of real-world testing
  • Implementation approaches to ease transition between different evaluation methodologies
  • New measurement methodologies and infrastructures
  • Measurement and characterization (modeling) of real-world aspects of wireless networks such as usage patterns, traffic, mobility and channel characteristics
  • Interference and spectrum usage measurements
  • Validation of existing simulation models, and results across different testbeds/evaluation methodologies
  • Software tools in support of measurements, trace/data collection and management

Apart from paper presentations, the workshop program will include:

  • An interactive poster session
  • The WINCOOL student demo competition (aka The Next Big Thing in Wireless)