MAZI backend

The MAZI backend has been designed and developed in order to handle low-level communication between the MAZI toolkit’s hardware and the MAZI Portal. Moreover, it can be used by developers or advanced MAZI toolkit users to configure a MAZI Zone or build one from scratch.

Install the MAZI backend

Become root user.

sudo su

Install the following requirements:

apt-get install python-pip
pip install speedtest-cli
apt-get install sshpass
apt-get install jq
apt-get install sqlite3
apt-get install batctl
echo "batman-adv" >> /etc/modules

In order to install the MAZI Backend, you have to clone the repository in your Raspbian Stretch Lite Operating System.

Clone the repository.

cd /root
git clone
cd back-end/

You can now proceed with the rest of the guidelines and take advantage of the MAZI backend in order to control and manage your MAZI Zone. At the end of each of the following sections, you can find examples on the usage of the scripts for the corresponding configuration actions.