Download a ready-made MAZI imageΒΆ

In this section you can choose one of the SD card images available from the table below. The procedure of loading an image on a SD card is straightforward and described in details in Writing an image to the microSD card.

MAZI toolkit images
Release Type What’s new Notes
3.0.3 New Features, bug fixes Mesh functionality in portal, managed mode in portal, update jquery to 3.3.1, fix connection to SSID with space Development channel
3.0.2 New features, Security fixes, Bug fixes Includes the MAZI Wiki in the Admin interface, removes key from root authorized_keys, stopping an application disables relevant app instances, other visual fixes Stable, recommended for all new installs
3.0.1 Bug fixes Check Internet connection in Dashboard before attempting to check version (improves speed), english message correction Stable
3.0 New Features Based on Raspbian stretch, all applications have been updated to their latest stable release, background monitoring of Internet connectivity, new languages added (French, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese), update Font Awesome to 5.5.0, show selected image in Guestbook conf Dev channel
2.6 New Features, Bug Fixes Fix bugs in export/import procedure of the entire mazizone, fix bugs in export/import procedure of Guestbook, check user’s input for domain url, allowing only valid domains (not special characters, enough dots etc.), addition of a message informing the user that this is the last jessie image supported and he/she needs to migrate to v3 images Stable, Major update
2.5.6 Bug fixes Fix bug regarding custom domain URL which crashes the captive portal Stable, Major Update
2.5.5 Bug Fixes Show enabled instances in default splash page, Add more clients in dnsmasq config file, Fix bug in Guestbook snapshot Stable, Major Update
2.5.4 New Features, Bug fixes New captive portal functionality with dynamic captive page and improved user experience, Sorting of applications in the admin interface, Fix bugs regarding application icons, Fix bug in Firefox when start sensing, Content snapshot for Etherpad, Nextcloud, Wordpress, Overall snapshot export/import to external USB drive, Loading message when browsing in the Portal, Other typos and bug fixes Development channel
2.5.3 Bug fixes Selecting app instance icon is not obligatory, fix splash page button (bug in Firefox), fix ports Stable, Recommended for all new installs
2.5.2 New Features, Bug fixes Two update channels (stable/Dev), fix open ports bug Stable, Major Update
2.5.1 Bug fixes Bug fixes for nodogsplash Update
2.5 New Features Nodogsplash, new organization in admin Network tab, location setup at MAZI Zone description is not mandatory, visual fixes and typo fixes Update
2.4.6 Bug fixes Fix bugs in setup page and in monitoring page Major Update
2.4.5 New Features, Bug fixes Improved performance in monitoring map, fix sensor tab showing data from multiple sensors, update fontawesome, edit colors and icon in applications tab, new tab in setup page for MAZI Zone details, improved functionality in monitoring tab, new update system, create custom application button, other bug fixes and typos Major Update
2.4.4 New Features Data Collection Framework Update
2.4.1 New Features, Bug fixes Update Etherpad to latest version (1.6.3), install ep_comments_page plugin for commenting in pads, update Nextcloud to latest version (13), install app for external storage, create QR Code button, fix english flag , merge admin settings in one menu, configure max file size from admin settings, fix captive portal issue in MAC devices, fix notification bug, fix multiple issues in sensor backend, typo fixes, monitoring map in user interface , new service for the rest interface Major Update
2.3 New Features, Bug fixes Major update of the monitoring framework, New Guestbook admin functionalities, Fix Guestbook error reporting, New expand filesystem to SD button, full Sensehat support in Portal (gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, pressure), wrong db in sensor user interface bug fix, fix several other bugs Major Update
2.2 New Features i18n support to enable translation, update various messages, show exact amount of disk space used. Backend: full sensehat support, support status in rest calls Major Update
2.1 New Features, Bug fixes Log section, Fix multiple instances feature, add system info in admin dashboard, multiple fixes Major Update
2.0 New Features, Bug fixes Monitoring framework (sensors, statistics, applications), Guestbook admin interface, Bug fixes Major Update
1.8.6 New Features Configure apps as splash screen, backend of Monitoring API Update
1.8.5 New Features, Bug fixes Configure MAZI domain, new External Router functionality, update User Documentation, export Guestbook content, calendar in sensors, default snapshot, other bug fixes Major Update
1.8 New Features Integration of camera functionality (devices tab), fix timezone bug, other bug fixes Major Update
1.7.1 New Features, Bug fixes New Devices tab (sensors, camera), bug fixes, new log file, warning message in init page Update
1.7 New Features Reboot button, shutdown button, support for more USB Wi-Fi antennas Major Update
1.6.7 New Features Delete snapshot functionality, connect to hidden network, connect to passwordless network, edit admin username Update
1.6.6 New Features, Bug fixes New Interview export functionality, bug fixes Update
1.6.5 New features Statistics menu (CPU, RAM, Storage etc.), time/date in user portal Major Update
1.6.4 Bug fixes Bug fixes in update functionality Minor update
1.6.3 New features New one-click update functionality for the MAZI Portal Minor update
1.6.2 Visual fixes   Minor update
1.6.1 New features New first contact functionality, new configuration menu, merge saving/loading theme with saving/loading settings, fix application clicks Update
1.6 Stable Release User Documentation updated, Admin Documentation updated, Guestbook updated, Etherpad plugins Major update
1.5.5 Visual/bug Fixes Release Typos, fixed dual mode box in Networking, no password in demo mode, footer removal Update
1.5.4 New application Release Integration of Interview Archive application Minor update
1.5.3 Visual/bug Fixes Release Typos, Upload/Download snapshot, Visual fixes, new demo mode, Admin change password form Minor update
1.5.2 Visual/bug Fixes Release    
1.5 First Public Release    


You can find here all the credentials needed for the above images.

root user and pi user password: mazizone

mySQL: user: root password: m@z1 (editable through the Portal)

Wi-Fi network: mazizone (no password)

Etherpad user: admin password: mazizone

NextCloud user: admin password: mazizone

Guestbook user: admin password: mazizone

Interview Archive user: admin password: mazizone