MAZI Data Collection Service

The MAZI Data Collection Service is the framework for collecting and managing data in the context of MAZI Zones.

It can be installed either together with the MAZI Portal or as a standalone software component in any server for collecting data from MAZI Zones and depicting them on a map.

Install together with the MAZI Portal

You can follow the MAZI Portal section to install the data collection framework alongside with the MAZI Portal.

Install as a standalone service

Clone the repository

sudo su
cd /root
git clone

Prepare the database

cd portal
rake init
rake db:migrate

Create and enable the service for the data collection framework

cp init/mazi-rest /etc/init.d/mazi-rest
chmod +x /etc/init.d/mazi-rest
update-rc.d mazi-rest enable


service mazi-rest start


You can access the web interface of the data collection service in the following URL: