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Mounted USB sensors

10 of the wireless Orbit nodes are equipped with humidity and temperature sensors (USB Sensor THUM Temperature and HUmidity Monitor).

A usb camera and sensor mounted on a box.

NITOS has developed a specific framework that provides users with the ability to gather online measurements from temperature and humidity sensors and moreover analyze offline measurements stored in NITOS database.

NITOS Sensors Toolkit can be accessed through:

NITOS Sensors Toolkit


Introduction to NITOS Sensors Toolkit:

In the last decade testbeds have been set-up to evaluate network protocols and algorithms under realistic settings. Moreover, wireless sensors have lately been integrated into testbeds in order to simulate application scenarios for low-power sensor networks, such as environment monitoring. Due to the fact that such scenarios are usually designed to run for a relatively long duration, long-term experiments are rarely executed, in order to avoid blocking of testbed facilities. Toward, this direction, we propose the NITOS Sensors Toolkit framework that provides for measurements storage in the testbed’s database so that users do not have to run online experiments to generate data, but they can access real sensor records in an on-line way. Moreover, online measurement gathering is automated and further simplified using the OMF management framework, so that it becomes a transparent process for the experimenter. The proposed framework is also accompanied by a web user interface that allows the user to get a graphical representation of the stored measurements and also extract various statistical measures. NITOS Sensors Toolkit allows for a more sophisticated way to setup and analyze experiments based on Wireless Sensor Networks.

More information can be found in the following demonstration paper:


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