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An Experimental Framework for Channel Sensing.pdf

Authors: Virgilios Passas, Stratos Keranidis, Thanasis Korakis, Iordanis Koutsopoulos and Leandros Tassiulas

Conference: TridentCom 2012, Thessaloniki, Greece, June 2012

Abstract: In the last decade testbeds have been set-up to evaluate network protocols and algorithms under realistic settings. In order to draw solid conclusions about the corresponding experimental results, it is important for the experimenter to have a de- tailed view of the existing channel conditions. Moreover, especially in the context of non-RF-isolated wireless testbeds, where external interference severely impacts the re- sulting performance, the requirement of experimenters for accurate channel monitoring becomes a prerequisite. Toward, this direction, various channel sensing platforms have been introduced, where each one o ers di erent operational characteristics. In this demo, we propose the NITOS Channel Sensing framework, which is based on software-de ned radio (SDR) devices that feature highly exible wireless transceivers and are able to provide highly accurate channel sensing measurements. Through this framework, online measurement gathering is automated and further simpli ed using speci cally developed scripts, so that it becomes a transparent process for the experimenter. The proposed framework is also accompanied by a web user interface that allows the user to get a graphical representation of the gathered measurements.

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