NITOS CM Card v1.1

                       NITOS Chassis Manager Card v1.1


The latest NITOS Chassis Manager Card is designed to add remote management capabilities of the NITOS nodes. CM Card consists of an Arduino Ethernet Microcontroller and a NITOS CM Card Shield. The CM Card's Firmware is a tiny web-server, that receives and processes http requests. 

The latest CM Card Firmware supports:

  • Remote on/off and reset of a NITOS node
  • Monitoring of the node's status (on or off)
  • Remote reset of the CM Card
  • Auto-reset safeguards, in case of a hang
  • Monitoring of the Power Supply Unit voltage integrity
  • External environmental conditions monitoring (temperature, humidity, light intensity)
  • Internal node temperature monitoring


CM Card is equipped with temperature, humidity and light intensity sensors:

     photo                            sensironsht11 med                             ds18s20 

  Light Intensity Sensor                         Temperature/Humidity Sensor                   Internal node Temperature Sensor