NITOS cloud infrastructure is based on HP GEN8 blade servers and one HP DL380p GEN8 server.Cloud Infrastructure UTH Each blade server has two powerful 16-core Intel Xeon processors, 96 GBs of RAM and two 300GB 6G SAS 10K HDDs, formatted in level one (1) RAID. In addition, each unit consists of two 10GB and four 1GB Ethernet interfaces used for the deployment of the hardware’s virtualization, as well as for the connection with the shared storage unit, which has 18 Tb of storage capacity.  As far as the rack mounted server is concerned, it comprises of two 12-core Intel Xeon processors, 64 GBs of RAM and five 450GB 6G SAS 10K HDDs, formatted in level five (5) RAID. Regarding the networking hardware, two 10GB and four 1GB Ethernet interfaces are used as well.

KVM hypervisor software on Ubuntu Trusty OS is used in order to provision the servers’ hardware resources and support a robust and sustainable cloud environment.

The management and control of the virtualized datacenter infrastructure is made with the Openstack Icehouse framework in order to decompose infrastructure provisioning and management into compute, storage and network services.

The networking deployment of the aforementioned infrastructure is based on a modular Openflow switch by HP; hosting both 10GB and 1GB Ethernet interfaces via the usage of different modules.



Components Description Comments

7 x HP blade servers

2 x HP DL380p server

Total Capacity

         CPU: 272 Cores

         RAM: 800 GB

         HDD capacity: 22 TB

Switch HP 5412r
  • 10Gb backbone connectivity
Openflow 1.3
Firewall Software solution  


Virtualization service

Component  Description
Hypervisor  KVM
Cloud Manager  OpenStack Mitaka