NITOS facility provides remote access to OpenFlow switches (2 x Pronto 3290, 2 x HP 3800), enabling the user to create an OpenFlow slice, related to an experiment slice that has already created with nodes from NITOS testbed. The OpenFlow slice is implemented by the FlowVisor, a Stanford's software tool that creates slices on the OpenFlow switches, enabling the parallel access to them by separate users. The whole process is orchestrated by the NITOS Broker, configuring appropriately the FlowVisor at the beggining of each reservation slot.

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In summary, the remote user of the NITOS facility is able to reserve nodes for his slice and run an OpenFlow experiment with use of this slice. In particular, the testbed provides transparently an abstract OpenFlow switch for his slice, that conceptually is equivalent to a physical OpenFlow switch that includes only the ports of the nodes that he has reserved. The IP address and the port of the OpenFlow controller that defines the functionality of this abstract switch, should be configured in the OpenFlow settings tool (requires registration).

NITOS OpenFlow Switches


Pronto 3290


HP 3800