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Authors: Mahmoud Hadef, Apostolos Apostolaras, Jim O'Reilly, Alaiin Mourad and Belkacem Mouhouche

Conference: WCNC 2014, Instanbul, Turkey, 6 - 9 April 2014

In this paper we propose a new cooperative video multicast strategy, the so called Coordinated multiple relays (CoMR). This is based on an efficient one–to-many resource sharing technique which exploits the space diversity of the base station to relay to mobile station in a two hop topology. The new scheme showed  considerable enhancement of system average throughput and user fairness compared to non cooperative schemes and in addition, from an energy efficiency perspective due mainly to: a) the significant gain in terms of coverage provided by relay deployment, b) the positive superposition of synchronous transmissions at the access stage which boost the received Signal to Interference and Noise Ratios which ultimately allows the use of higher Modulation and Coding Schemes, c) The flexibility of the proposed algorithm to switch from  cooperative mode to non cooperative mode according to when the conditions are most beneficial.

Keywords — Cooperative communication, multicast scheduling, two hop network, coordinated transmission, WiMAX, and LTE.

Download paper: Coordinated Multiple Relays.pdf