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Authors: Iara Machado, Leandro Ciuffo, Daniel Marques, Tiago Salmito, Michael Stanton, Antonio Abelem, Jose Rezende, Marcos Salvador, Sebastia Sallent, Leonardo Bergesio, Serge Fdida, Mayur Channegowda, Leandros Tassiulas and Dimitris Giatsios

Conference: TERENA Networking Conference, Dublin, Ireland, April 2014

Abstract: This paper describes the experience of RNP, the Brazilian research and education network, in creating a large-scale research facility for experimentation on Future Internet as a member of the FIBRE (Future Internet testbeds experimentation between BRazil and Europe) project. Its main goal is to create common space between Brazil and EU for Future Internet experimental research into network infrastructure and distributed applications, by building and operating a federated EU-Brazil Future Internet experimental facility. The FIBRE testbed is currently composed by a federation of 13 local testbeds (a.k.a. experimental islands), located in different R&E organizations. The FIBRE infrastructure combines heterogeneous physical resources and different technologies, including OpenFlow, wireless and optical communications. We also present the architecture of FIBRE, which allows users to access the testbed through an integrated interface for either experimental or control planes, and provides a common access to the different underlying Control and Monitoring Frameworks (CMFs) for Future Internet experimentation.

Download paper: tnc2014_paper_TNC2014FIBREFullpaper.pdf