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Authors: Virgilios Passas, Nikos Makris, Stratos Keranidis, Thanasis Korakis, Leandros Tassiulas

Conference:  IEEE International Workshop on Cognitive Cellular Systems, Rhine River, Germany, September 2-4 2014

Abstract: LTE and LTE-A have dominated as a 4G enabler protocol, adopted by the majority of the network providers worldwide. The efficient performance of an LTE network relies on the selected frequency within an operating band that the cell operates, by taking into account all the potential factors that can affect it. Since cognitive radio is targeting towards the maximization of spectrum utilization, it is crucial that it is adopted in the spectrum allocation process. In this work, we propose an efficient scheme for cell planning by employing spectrum sensing techniques. By exploiting spectral information collected by several sensing devices, we appropriately select the center frequency inside the operating band, towards maximizing the quality of the end user experience. Our algorithms are implemented for the downlink channel, considering a variety of configurations and topologies. Finally, our implemented mechanism is evaluated in the real world deployment of the NITOS Future Internet facility, using commercial LTE enabled femto cells and UEs, while USRP sensing devices are employed for high quality spectral information provisioning.

Download paper: Passas_LTECellPlanning_IEEECCS_2014.pdf