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Authors: A. Tzanakaki , M. P. Anastasopoulos, G. Landi, G. Bernini, N. Ciulli, S. Peng, B. Rofoee, Y. Yan, D.Simeonidou, J.F. Riera, E. Escalona, J. A. Garcia-Espin, K. Katsalis, A. Korakis

Conference: Proceedings of European Wireless 2014; 20th European Wireless Conference; Barcelona, Spain ,2014

Abstract: The project CONTENT proposes a next generation ubiquitous converged infrastructure to support Cloud and mobile Cloud computing services. The proposed infrastructure facilitates interconnection of fixed and mobile end users with computational resources through a heterogeneous network integrating optical metro and wireless access networks. In this paper, we present the CONTENT converged network infrastructure and layered architecture which deploys cross-domain virtualization as a key technology. In accordance to the CONTENT proposal this paper also presents a novel virtual infrastructure planning scheme that takes a holistic approach considering jointly the network and computational resources.

Download paper: Katsalis_CONTENT_EW_2014.pdf