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Authors: Nikos Makris, Christos Zarafetas, Spyros Kechagias, Thanasis Korakis, Ivan Seskar and Leandros Tasssiulas

Conference:  IEEE International workshop on Software Defined 5G Networks, London, 17 April 2015.

Abstract: The lessons already learned from the existing protocols operation are taken into deep consideration during the standardization activities of the potential technologies opted for the future 5th Generation mobile networks. Prior research on wireless technologies in general has clearly shown the need for open programmable experimental facilities which can be used for the implementation and evaluation of novel algorithms and ideas under real world settings, even directly comparable to existing technologies and methodologies. Nevertheless, provisioning of such testbed platforms mandates the respective tools which will enable access to the testbed resources and will expose the maximum possible flexibility in configuring them. In this work, we present our efforts in building such a facility, along with the tools and services that cope with such requirements. The facility upon which we build is the long-established NITOS wireless testbed, which is offering commercial as well as open source LTE components in a 24/7 basis.

Download paper: Enabling Open Access to LTE network components; the NITOS testbed paradigm