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Authors: Milorad Tosic, Valentina Nejkovic, Filip Jelenkovic, Nenad Milosevic, Zorika Nikolic, Nikos Makris and Thanasis Korakis

Conference: EUCNC 2016, Athens, Greece, June 2016

Abstract:In this paper, we address the challenges in facilitating the intra-band coexistence of WiFi and LTE technologies in multi-RAT networks and propose a semantic coordination protocol that improves the communication performance among inter-network devices. Effective communication in LTE networks is a critical task to achieve as the heterogeneity of the devices and coexisting technologies arises. This paper introduces an internetwork spectrum coordination across Wi-Fi and LTE systems based on an ontological framework as a possible solution for improved coexistence. We develop and evaluate our approach under real-world settings. The results we obtained using the proposed semantic coordination protocol have shown significant gains for both the under-study Wi-Fi and LTE networks.

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