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Authors: Giannis Kazdaridis, Stratos Keranidis, Polychronis Symeonidis, Paulo Sousa Dias, Pedro Gonçalves, Bruno Loureiro, Petrika Gjanci and Chiara Petrioli

Conference: ACM WinTech 2017, ACM Mobicom 2017, Snowbird, Utah, USA, 20 October 2017

Abstract: The energy restricted nature of underwater sensor networks directly affects the expected lifetime of autonomous deployments and limits the capabilities for long term underwater monitoring. Towards the goal of developing energy-efficient protocols and algorithms, researchers and equipment vendors require in-depth understanding of the power consumption characteristics of underwater hardware when deployed in-field. In this work, we introduce the EVERUN power monitoring framework, consisting of hardware and software components that were integrated with real equipment of the SUNRISE testbed facilities. Through the execution of a wide set of experiments under realistic conditions, we highlighted the limitations of model-based energy evaluation tools and characterized the energy efficiency performance of key protocols and mechanisms. The accuracy of the collected power data, along with the interesting derived findings, verified the applicability of our approach in evaluating the energy efficiency performance of proposed solutions.

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