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Authors: Panagiotis Karamichailidis, Kostas Choumas and Thanasis Korakis

Conference:  IEEE NetSoft 2019, Paris, France, 24-28 June 2019

Abstract: In recent years, the rise of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) makes the Network Service (NS) deployment much agile and flexible. The proprietary and custommade hardware is replaced by a virtual and software-based infrastructure, that is easily exploited in a common way for the NS deployment. One of the most challenging problems in this environment is deploying and organizing in a large-scale and multi-domain infrastructure, which contains geographically distributed but interconnected data-centers. The proposed solution focuses on the extra networking operations required in a NFV infrastructure, managed by Open Source MANO, OpenStack and OpenDaylight. We develop software proxies that collaborate with the aforementioned tools and enhance their functionality. Finally, we implement and evaluate the proposed architecture, using the NITOS experimentation testbed.

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