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Authors: K.Chounos, A. Apostolaras and T. Korakis

Conference:  in proceedings of IEEE WF-5G 2020, 10 September – 10 October, 2020 Virtual Event Volos, Greece, 15-19 June 2020.

Abstract: In this paper, a novel framework for enablingdynamic Policy and Charging Rules in modern 5G multi-tenancyenvironments is designed and presented. More specifically, adap-tive pricing schemes are utilized by MNOs for instantiatingtailored slices, when the resources of a Mobile Network Operator(MNO) are insufficient to serve the connected users. A schemewhere an MNO seeks and leases additional resources from anInfrastructure Provider (InP) is examined in this paper. Theirnegotiation is modeled as a Service Level Agreement (SLA) andthe dynamic charging rules are implemented as an extension ofthe 5G Policy Charging Function (PCF). The analytical structureof the proposed architecture as well as all the methods and signalsdeveloped for MNO and InP collaboration, are described in thecontext of this work. Finally, extensive testbed experimentationproves proper functioning of the proposed framework, underboth UDP and TCP additional traffic demands.

Download paper: [Paper]