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Authors: Wei Liu, Stratos Keranidis, Michael Mehari, Jono Vanhie-Van Gerwen, Stefan Bouckaert, Opher Yaron and Ingrid Moerman

Conference: LNCS of the Workshop in Measurement and Measurement Tools 2012, Aalborg, Denmark, May 2012

Abstract: Recently the constant growth of the wireless communication technology has caused a huge demand for experimental facilities. Hence many research institutes setup public accessible experimental facilities, known as testbeds. Compared to the facilities developed by individual researchers, a testbed typically offers more resources, more flexibilities. However, due to the fact that equipments are located remotely and experiments involve more complex scenarios, the required complexity for analysis is also higher. A deep insight on the underlying wireless environment of the testbed becomes necessary for comprehensive analysis. In this paper, we present a framework and associated techniques for monitoring the wireless environment in an OMF enabled testbed. The framework utilizes most common resources in the testbed, such as WIFI nodes, as well as some high-end software-defined radio platforms. Information from both physical layer and network layer are taken into account. Further more we explored the added value of distributed sensing system. The performance is mainly analyzed experimentally

Download paper: Keranidis_Monitoring_LNCS_2012_paper.pdf