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Authors: Fraida Fund, Thanasis Korakis and Shivendra S. Panwar

Conference: WinTech 2013, Miami, 30 September 2013

In this work, we consider the challenge of delivering high-quality multimedia content to users concentrated in a small physical location, e.g., a sports stadium in which fans may view extra video content on their mobile devices. Because each user experiences a different wireless channel condition, it is difficult to deliver this content efficiently to all users. A hybrid network architecture has been proposed that uses a peer to peer exchange of packets over an assistant network to supplement the primary infrastructure network in this scenario. We describe an implementation of this popular technique which may be used in a variety of network environments and applications. In trials on a wireless networking testbed, using WiMAX as the primary network and WiFi as an assistant network, we find that our implementation can recover up to 92% of packets lost over the primary network.

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