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The SMARTFIRE project is comprised of 10 partners in total from EU (Greece, France, Spain and Belgium), South Korea and an international collaborator from Australia. The project aims to further develop EU-South Korea cooperation on Future Internet experimental research. The project will eventually deliver a shared experimental facility spanning different islands located in Europe (EU) and South Korea (KR). This large scaled facility will promote joint experimentation among EU and KR experimenters, encouraging them to conceive and implement innovative protocols, able to take advantage of the current leading network technologies. SMARTFIRE targets at creating a common and unified way of experimenting with a large-scale facility, enabling distributed applications by incorporating cutting edge SDN research that is primarily conducted by the South Korean Partners, and wireless networking experimentation that is carried out by the European Partners. The project will further promote SDN related research, such as Information Centric Networking, and exploit the OpenFlow technology as the core network and wireless techologies for the access network segments. During its two year duration, the separate EU and KR islands will be federated and operated in a common and scalable way, thus establishing a unique intercontinental experimental facility. The testbed islands will be harmonized in the way they are controlled and managed.  Two use cases will be used to evaluate the facility, one inspired from the emerging IoT research field and one concerning Video Streaming applications over heterogeneous networks. Finally, we expect that SMARTFIRE will bridge the gap between Future Internet research conducted at KR and EU sites and introduce a common way of developing extensions for existing testbed facilities.

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