The NITOS RF Isolated Indoor Deployment consists of 50 Icarus nodes that feature multiple wireless interfaces (Wi-Fi, WiMAX, LTE) and is deployed in an isolated environment at a University of Thessaly's campus building. Experimenters are able to run and evaluate power demanding processing algorithms and protocols in a large scale testbed. It is also equipped with directional antennas and other advanced prototypes.

Indoor DeploymentIndoor Deployment

Indoor Deployment

The Icarus nodes are placed in a symmetrical way around the isolated environment of NITOS indoor testbed forming a grid topology. The distance amongst the nodes is fixed to 1.2 meters and the height level is identical for all them as well. As a result, a uniform environment is created where all nodes are isobaric and of equal capabilities. You can find below a picture of the topology of the NITOS indoor testbed.

tholos testbedDec15