Authors:  Sánchez L, Lanza J, Santana JR, Agarwal R, Raverdy PG, Elsaleh T, Fathy Y, Jeong S, Dadoukis A, Korakis T, Keranidis S, O’Brien P, Horgan J, Sacchetti A, Mastandrea G, Fragkiadakis A, Charalampidis P, Seydoux N, Ecrepont C, Zhao M.

Journal:  Sensors, vol. 18, no. 10, pp -, October 2018.

Abstract: The Internet of Things (IoT) concept has attracted a lot of attention from the research and innovation community for a number of years already. One of the key drivers for this hype towards the IoT is its applicability to a plethora of different application domains. However, infrastructures enabling experimental assessment of IoT solutions are scarce. Being able to test and assess the behavior and the performance of any piece of technology (i.e., protocol, algorithm, application, service, etc.) under real-world circumstances is of utmost importance to increase the acceptance and reduce the time to market of these innovative developments. This paper describes the federation of eleven IoT deployments from heterogeneous application domains (e.g., smart cities, maritime, smart building, crowd-sensing, smart grid, etc.) with over 10,000 IoT devices overall which produce hundreds of thousands of observations per day. The paper summarizes the resources that are made available through a cloud-based platform. The main contributions from this paper are twofold. In the one hand, the insightful summary of the federated data resources are relevant to the experimenters that might be seeking for an experimental infrastructure to assess their innovations. On the other hand, the identification of the challenges met during the testbed integration process, as well as the mitigation strategies that have been implemented to face them, are of interest for testbed providers that can be considering to join the federation.

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