The NITlab team attended NetFutures 2016, in Brussels, Belgium, 20-21 April 2016, where we presented the progress of FLEX, MAZI and SmartFIRE projects, in the corresponding exhibition booths.

In the FLEX booth, we presented two demos in the context of the project, the "Semantic based coordination for LTE-U" and the "Software Defined Wireless Backhauling for LTE".


Semantic based coordination for LTE-U


Software Defined Wireless Backhauling for LTE

Photos from the FLEX booth:

flex netfutures2016
flex netfutures2016 2

NITlab hosted also the MAZI booth, where the progress of the MAZI research project was presented, along with a demo "The NetFutures 2016 MAZI zone".


The NetFutures 2016 MAZI zone

Photos from the MAZI booth:

mazi netfutures2016
mazi netfutures2016 2
mazi netfutures2016
mazi netfutures2016 2

NITlab hosted also the SmartFIRE booth, where the results of the SmartFIRE research project were presented.

Photos from the SmartFIRE booth:

smartfire netfutures2016
smartfire netfutures2016 2