FIA 2013 in Dublin

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NITLab member Nikos Makris attended Future Internet Assembly (FIA) 2013, and participated in the Hands On FIRE demo session at the OpenLab booth. The demo description is available here.

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CREW Training Days and Kick-off Meeting

Cognitive Radio Experimentation World Project

NITlab member Stratos Keranidis attended the CREW TV White Spaces WorkshopCREW Training days and CREW OC2 partners Kick-off Meeting in Brussels, Belgium between 18-21 February 2012. Stratos Keranidis gave one presentation related to the latest updates in NITOS testbed, the ongoing research activities of NITlab group and also presented details about the experiment that NITlab will run in w-ilab.t testbed as Open Call partner of the CREW projet.

1st OpenLab Plugfest

NITlab members Kostas Choumas and Harris Niavis, participated in the 1st OpenLab Plugfest in Paris, France, on 23 - 25 January 2013, where various presentations were made regarding the degree of interoperability of various tools and platforms. Kostas Choumas gave a presentation on the new OpenFlow functionality in OMF 6 and Harris Niavis gave a presentation on the progress of making NITOS testbed, SFA - compliant.

Plugfest  Plugfest

FIRE Engineering Workshop - Ghent 6-7 November 2012

Dr. Thanasis Korakis, Associate Director of NITlab and NITlab member Stratos Keranidis attended the FIRE Engineering Workshop in Ghent, Belgium on 6-7 November 2012. Dr. Thanasis Korakis gave 2 presentations related to the latest updates in NITOS testbed and the ongoing research activities related with the OPENLAB and FIBRE projects and moreover Stratos Keranidis presented the CONCRETE Benchmarking framework, accompanied with a live demonstration of the tool capabilities.

FIRE engineering meeting FIRE engineering meetingFIRE engineering meeting