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UTH developed an application, which is used to monitor all the wireless devices (wifi, 3G BS, 3G femtocell, WiMAX and LTE in the near future) and measure the channel state of each interface (RSSI levels), data traffic (uplink, downlink), handover conditions (e.g. when and under which conditions there is a handover from the 3G BS to the 3G femtocell), etc. This information will be gathered by the interaction of the application directly with the wireless interfaces drivers.

The additional property that UTH mobile tool has to offer is that the application can send those info/ measurements to an OML database located at NITOS server. The architecture that is used as a model for the deployment can be found in Measurement Architecture for Network Experiments with Disconnected Mobile Nodes, NICTA Australian Technology Park.

So far, UTH has managed to create a service that:

  • Samples data from the mobile interface (signal strength, SNR, network type, operator name).
  • Samples data from the WiFi interface (signal strength, bssid, ssid, capabilities, channel).
  • Stores the data in separate schemas in a local database.
  • Creates a connection to a remote web OML server and uses OML text protocol to push the data in.
  • Depicts the sampling measurements on a Google map.
  • Creates a graph from the sampling measurements. 

Below, instances of the applications GUI and applications functionality are presented. We provide the reader with snapshots of the application and measurements taken at our lab. Moreover, a brief description of the applications elements is provided.



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