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The experiment highlights the importance of building end-to-end networks with enhanced content-based backbones and wireless access networks. We elaborate the SDN concept to develop improved end-to-end networks, using resources from multiple testbeds located in Europe or South Korea.


smartfire scenario 2 v2

Figure 1: The scenario of our content-based experiment

1. Resources involved

A synergy between two different testbeds is established for the purposes of the experiment, namely between the NITOS wireless testbed, located at the premises of University of Thessaly, and the C-flow testbed, located at the premises of Seoul National University. The connection between the two testbeds is based on the interconnecting networks of European GEANT and South Korean KOREN.

2. Experiment Description

Download the experiment description in OMF 6:


3. Related paper

You can also download the relevant papers, one describing the tools used for this experimentation, published in CNERT workshop of IEEE ICDCS 2015 and the other describing this experiment as one of the two use cases of the SmartFIRE project, published in CloudComp 2015 and awarded as best paper:


4. Demonstration through OMF 6

The whole experiment is orchestrated through the testbed control and management framework of OMF 6. NITOS has adopted OMF 6 as its software framework and C-flow utilizes ICN-OMF (details in the related paper published in ICOIN 2015).


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